Gay marriage persuasive essay
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Description: Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay - Curriculum vitae

Gay marriage persuasive essay

Homophobic bigotry, however, is not. Life, marriage, and religious liberty are not arbitrary choices they are inextricable. We are members of one body, but differentiated members, each with his own vocation. The disconnect between sex and its intended purpose has resulted in dire consequences for society, especially its most vulnerable members, children. Arms outstretched, he is a fisher of men, desperate to save the poor, sick and suffering.

So, therefore, they should not be allowed to marry, since the sole reason for a marriage is to produce a child. If no convincing arguments can be made, and all that is stopping two people from legally spending the rest of their lives together is the prejudice and ignorance of people who refuse to listen to the facts, why are people who love eachother not allowed to be married? They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. There are many other arguments against gay marriage, each as refutable as the rest. Simply put, if there is a hurdle that is stopping you from making any progress. Remember, time will always be against you.

Why do we care about the poor, oppressed, and suffering?

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